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Women's Health

The Importance Of Health Screening For Women


Women's health clinic in North SydneyHealth plays an integral role in helping us take control of our lives. Without good health, a lot of window of opportunities will be closed for us.

Women in general, need to be more vigilant in keeping their bodies healthy and strong as they are more delicate than men. It is important to note that all of us do get sick however, it is good to hear that there are respective clinics that offer invaluable services to each and every one of their clients.

Women’s health clinic in North Sydney provides just that keeping their patients' health in check. Let us look at what role health screening plays with regards to women’s health.

Health screening is something that needs to be taken into consideration as women prepare for adulthood. As early as 18 years old is when women are advised to go visit their health care provider from time to time making them good candidates for health screening.

Going to a clinic has different intended purpose aside from your health screening. This is where clients go through an assessment in order to determine if they are at any risk of future medical problems.

Aside from that, patients are also advised to take control of their life by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. There may also be a need to update your vaccinations especially if you travel to a foreign destination.

Women will need to undergo a number of screenings in order to give a clear overview of your health. This includes your routine blood pressure checkup that should be done every 3 to 5 years in order to avoid risk for hypertension.

Cholesterol check is also advised which is recommended for women age 20 or older. This is done to decrease the likelihood of suffering from heart disease or stroke.

Women who have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, or other conditions will need to have this done more often instead of the traditional 5 years gap.

Other screenings to consider include the ones for diabetes, dental and eye exam, physical exam, breast self-exam and mammogram, pap smear, bone density screening, blood glucose test, colon cancer screening and many more. There is indeed a lot of checkups people go through on a regular basis in order to keep themselves in good shape and form.

Cost is something that can put people off in getting their bodies checked. Getting a regular checkup can cost a substantial amount of time and resources in order to achieve success with this endeavour.

It is good to hear however, that bulk billing women’s health in North Sydney is available and is also considered to be a cost effective alternative for your health screening. This in turn helps save their clients a fair amount of convenience and relief as they don’t need to worry too much about their medical bills.

What this does is that it covers a prescribed range of health services as listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This allows patients to not pay any out of pocket expense during their visit to a health clinic.


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